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Mercedes have unveiled a fully electric SUV ahead of its public debut at the Paris Motor Show.

The EQC SUV will head up a whole new Mercedes-Benz electric range when it arrives in showrooms next year

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Posted: 14/09/2018 | Category : New Car

New Mercedes-Benz X-Class V6

Official specification has been unveiled for the stunning new six-cylinder Mercedes X 350 d, with prices set to start from £38,350 excluding VAT.

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Posted: 31/08/2018 | Category : New Car

New Mercedes-Benz A-Class Saloon

Mercedes-Benz are set to introduce a Saloon model to join the hatchback in their A-Class line-up

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Posted: 31/08/2018 | Category : New Car

Why should you get a C-Class Cabriolet?

The C-Class Cabriolet needs no introduction. This car has taken the world by storm since its release and its rise to the top doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon!

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Posted: 25/07/2018 | Category : Blog

How And Where Can I Get The New A-Class?

As Mercedes dealerships have been rolling out this new model across the country, we have all the info on where and how you can get your hands on one!

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Posted: 06/07/2018 | Category : New Car

Why Is the Mercedes G-Class the Best Car for Your Summer Trip?

Find out why the G-Wagen should be the first choice car for your summer road trip!

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Posted: 05/07/2018 | Category : New Car

What's New on the Mercedes C-Class Saloon After its Mid-Life Facelift?

Get details on the new technology and improved engines featured with the new C-Class Saloon.

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Posted: 13/06/2018 | Category : New Car

What to Expect with the 2019 Four Door Mercedes A-Class

With the new A-Class saloon expected to hit showrooms early 2019 we thought we'd go through some its new features and figures.

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Posted: 23/05/2018 | Category : New Car

Have You Seen the New Mercedes-AMG E 53?

Let's go through the new features and figures of Mercedes-AMG's latest masterpiece!

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Posted: 09/05/2018 | Category : New Car

What Convertible Car Options Are There in the Mercedes-Benz Range?

Now that the warm weather has finally decided to show its face, there’s no time like the present to look in to the convertible car options available in the Mercedes-Benz range.

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Posted: 19/04/2018 | Category : New Car

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