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Discover the 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA

June 2019 sees the entry of the 2019 Mercedes CLA class vehicle. This second-generation CLA Coupe, which was revealed in Las Vegas, offers the sportiest driving dynamics in this new generation of compact cars.

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Posted: 13/02/2019 | Category : General

How Much is a Mercedes A Class?

When you want a car that redefines luxury and advanced technology, you want the Mercedes A-Class.

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Posted: 08/02/2019 | Category : General

Mercedes-Benz EQC 2019 Review

Arriving on scene with no shortage of fanfare, the Mercedes-Benz EQC 2019 is the manufacturer’s first all-electric car and shows the full potential of the future of driving electric.

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Posted: 24/01/2019 | Category : General,New Car

New Mercedes B-Class Arrives in the UK Next Spring

Yours to own and drive from £26,975, the brand-new B-Class from Mercedes is set to come to the UK in Spring 2019.

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Posted: 17/01/2019 | Category : New Car

What is Mercedes BlueEFFICIENCY?

At Sinclair Mercedes, we have several Mercedes-Benz vehicles that have the BlueEFFICIENCY trademark.

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Posted: 03/12/2018 | Category : General

What Does AMG Stand for in Mercedes?

If you regularly speak about supercars, then the letters “AMG” might be familiar to you especially if you’ve owned or had the luxury of driving a top-class Mercedes-Benz, but what do they actually mean?

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Posted: 29/11/2018 | Category : Blog,General

How to Update Mercedes Benz Navigation System

You’ll be pleased to hear it’s actually quite simple and in no time at all, you’ll have the latest maps.

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Posted: 13/11/2018 | Category : General

What is Mercedes Me

Mercedes me is a group of online services that have been designed to enhance your experience with your Mercedes-Benz.

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Posted: 08/11/2018 | Category : General

Mercedes have unveiled a fully electric SUV ahead of its public debut at the Paris Motor Show.

The EQC SUV will head up a whole new Mercedes-Benz electric range when it arrives in showrooms next year

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Posted: 14/09/2018 | Category : New Car

New Mercedes-Benz X-Class V6

Official specification has been unveiled for the stunning new six-cylinder Mercedes X 350 d, with prices set to start from £38,350 excluding VAT.

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Posted: 31/08/2018 | Category : New Car

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