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Mercedes Premiere First Battery Electric MPV - The Mercedes-Benz EQV

Mercedes-Benz has always been a pioneer of auto technology, and this tradition continues into 2019 with the introduction of the EQV, the world's first fully-electric premium MPV.

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Posted: 17/09/2019 | Category : Blog,General

Plug-in Hybrid Powertrain for Mercedes A-Class Hatchback & Sedan

Mercedes has announced that it will be launching two new plug-in hybrid options for its popular A-Class hatchback and A-Class sedan.

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Posted: 05/09/2019 | Category : Blog,General

Mercedes Celebrates Double Win at 2019 Auto Express Awards

We understand how much our customers trust the word of Auto Express, and so we’re delighted to report that the brand has one not one but two awards at the 2019 Auto Express Awards.

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Posted: 02/08/2019 | Category : Awards,General

How Does Mercedes Motability Work?

There are a number of Mercedes vehicles are available under the Motability scheme. When you have a disability, your Motability allowance is absolutely vital inleading a happy and active life.

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Posted: 30/07/2019 | Category : General

Mercedes AMG to Produce More Powerful 4-cylinder Engine

German automotive giant Mercedes has announced production details for its forthcoming 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, confirming that it will be the most powerful offering they’ve ever made under the AMG brand

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Posted: 18/07/2019 | Category : Blog,General

Discover the new Mercedes GLB Compact SUV

If you’re looking for a stunning Mercedes that sits somewhere between the GLA and the GLC, the new GLB is naturally the most logical solution. The compact SUV, which hits the roads in July, is designed to fit between the sporty crossover and its larger counterpart and is set to become another key member of the German manufacturer’s family of mid-priced vehicles.

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Posted: 24/06/2019 | Category : General,New Car

Are Mercedes Reliable?

Are you thinking about purchasing a Mercedes? You might be considering purchasing a Mercedes approved used car from our team at Sinclair Mercedes.

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Posted: 28/05/2019 | Category : General

Review the Mercedes EQC SUV

EVs or electric vehicles are the cars of the future. There is already a demand by buyers eager to get their hands on an electric vehicle that will save them on fuel, reduce their carbon emissions and provide the high-quality drive that they want.

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Posted: 24/05/2019 | Category : General,New Car

How to Install Mercedes-Benz Navigation SD Card

Let’s take a look at how to install the Garmin Mercedes-Benz navigation SD card.

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Posted: 02/05/2019 | Category : General

Mercedes Motability Scheme - Find Out How it Works

The Mercedes Motability Scheme is a Charity based and Government funded arrangement that assists customers with a disability in leasing a new vehicle that perfectly suits their needs and requirements.

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Posted: 01/05/2019 | Category : Aftersales,Blog,General

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