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Posted:13 February 2018 | Category: New Car

Are There Any Electric Mercedes-Benz Models.

Mercedes-Benz are known for their elite models, with top quality performance, design, and drive’s.

With a growth in sustainable living and calls for more environmentally friendly driving options, do Mercedes-Benz embrace the electric car?

The answer, yes! Mercedes-Benz eMobility reflects the brands efforts to reduce driving emissions and address its concern of global warming, by producing ultra-low emission electric cars.

Mercedes eMobility

Benefits Of eMobility

An electric car from Mercedes-Benz comes with a long list of benefits!

Lower Road Tax

As eMobility cars produce fewer emissions, you will pay less for road tax on your Mercedes-Benz, making the overall cost of the car lower.

Free Parking

An amazing benefit of electric vehicles is that in some major cities, you can get free parking for your plug-in car.

Plug-In Car Grant

An electric car with Mercedes-Benz will mean that you could qualify for the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) car grant. This means you can get up to £4,500 off the cost of your new Mercedes-Benz eMobility car!

No Congestion Charges

For those that drive in and through London, with one of the Mercedes electrics, you could be emitting under 75g/km of CO2, which mean you will avoid the congestion charges in the capital.

Benefits For Businesses

If you get yourself an eMobility car for business purposes, you will receive 100% first-year capital allowance and a company car tax allowance, making the range perfect for your business.

Mercedes Plug-In

There is a wide range of eMobility vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz electric range. Keep reading to discover them all…

C-Class – Saloon

The C-Class Saloon is set to begin production later this year – 1st April 2018 – will be available with either a hybrid or PHEV motor system. This car will offer a more stylish and higher technology spec than the previous C-Class model, with a lightweight body to keep emissions low.

C-Class Saloon

C-Class – Estate

This model C-Class will also be available as a hybrid and PHEV when production begins in April. The C-Class Estate will bring increased comfort and sophistication with its newly designed four-linked front axle to increase suspension, providing a sporty yet smooth drive.

C-Class Estate

B-Class – Electric Drive

The ultimate urban-eco-friendly compact car, the B-Class brings versatility and practicality to ever driver’s life. It’s aerodynamic and efficient design keeps the car light and sporty whilst boosting its economy by maximising use of its BlueEFFICIENCY engines.


E-Class – Saloon

Slowly being integrated into the UK market, the hybrid E-Class Saloon enables an impressive 9-speed gearbox with quick gear changes to help reduce fuel consumption. The four wheel drive of this EV makes this one of the sportiest and athletic cars from the Mercedes-Benz range.

E-Class Saloon

S-Class - Saloon

Available as both a hybrid and a PHEV, this sporty saloon has a sleek athletic flair to impress all. This electric is fitted with ECO Assist, making it an intelligent fuel-saver which uses data from the navigation and traffic to assist the driver with driving notification to ensure every drive is efficient and comfortable.

S-Class Saloon

GLE – Plug-In SUV

Mercedes-Benz’s first plug-in SUV, the GLE reinvents the models design both with the interior and exterior, making it design perfectly aerodynamic. This PHEV begins production in April this year to bring the UK SUV-lover market he ultimate premium SUV, with six driving modes so all drivers can make the most of its on- and off-road abilities.

GLE Plug-In

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