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Posted:04 January 2018 | Category: General

How Can I Use The Mercedes Me Portal?

Mercedes ME

Mercedes Me is a smartphone app which is exclusively available for Mercedes owners, allowing them to use innovative online services designed to enhance your Mercedes-Benz experience. Mercedes Me provides it’s users with care and support, as well as storing your vehicles data so you will have assistance and vehicle information whenever you need it.

Mercedes Me Connect

The Connect aspect of this amazing Mercedes portal really does make your life easier by sharing your vehicles information – in real time – with your local, chosen Retailer, to allow you to get the treatment you Mercedes needs – whether that’s maintenance, diagnostics or any other TLC your baby needs! This also reminds you when you need changes done to your vehicle, and will store all the information and data you need to know what condition your motor is in.

Mercedes Me parts

Mercedes Me Adaptor

This innovative app is built with an adaptor, supporting the latest iOS and Android smartphones – so no matter what device you have, it will be compatible. This compatibility allows you to document your driving route as well as many other features.

Vehicle Locator

Do you ever forget where you parked and find yourself in search of your car for minutes, if not hours? That will all be in the past with the Mercedes Me! When connected to your phone, you can easily use the app to locate where your car is – no fuss!

Remote Parking

We all get into those tight spots where we aren’t sure how much room there is to get into a parking spot. That’s where Mercedes Me comes in! The ability to access remote control parking allows users to park from the outside of the car as sensors and an automatic steering wheel and braking does all the work for you.

Mercedes ME Remote Parking

Send To Car Function

The ‘send to car’ function on the app is for when you need to get on your way without fumbling round with a Sat Nav. You can set your destination with the app and send it to your vehicle, so by the time you get in, your route is ready and set to go!

Fuel Check

Lying in bed and suddenly wonder whether you have enough fuel to make it to work in the morning? We’ve all been there! With Mercedes Me, you can remotely check your vehicles fuel levels to ensure you’re never caught on an empty tank again!

Mercedes Me Maintenence

Temperature Control

No one likes to get into a freezing cold or boiling hot car! That’s why temperature control is perfect all year round as with Mercedes Me, you can activate your cars heating and air conditioning, to make it the perfect temperature when you get in.

Remote Locking

Have you got a memory like a goldfish and find yourself questioning whether you locked your car or not? Fret not with this Mercedes technology as the Me app allows users to lock and unlock their car, simply and easily, from their smartphone!

Mercedes Me app

Manager Life

Mercedes Me doesn’t only assist you with your car, but it also unlocks much more! You can locate genuine Mercedes help local to you, whether you’re at home or on holiday; manage your finance agreement 24/7; and join in with an exclusive Mercedes online community, where you can learn tips for your car.

The Mercedes Me Portal

To access this amazing portal, essential for the busy lifestyle of the Mercedes-Benz driver, you need to check your eligibility, register online, and then login. To unlock all things Mercedes click here!