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Posted:18 December 2019 | Category: General,New Car

How Does Mercedes Agility Finance Work?

Blackened Mercedes-Benz badge

Mercedes vehicles are hugely popular among both personal and business customers. In addition to enjoying the benefits of incredible design and performance features, one of the reasons many drivers opt for a Mercedes is the range of finance options available. With Mercedes Agility and a host of choices for companies and individuals on offer, the latest Mercedes models are available to all. If you’re interested in Mercedes personal finance, or you have questions about Mercedes fleet and business finance, you should find this guide handy. 

What is Mercedes Agility finance and how does it work?

More and more customers are buying cars on finance. At Sinclair Mercedes, we offer an array of finance options to suit all drivers. Mercedes Agility is a personal contract package that gives you the option to purchase, give back or part-exchange your car once the agreed hire term elapses. At the end of the agreement, you can explore the possibilities and work out which avenue is best for you. Before you sign any contracts, you will be made aware of the guaranteed future value of your vehicle and you’ll decide how much you want to put down as a deposit. Your contract will then be drawn up and you’ll pay a monthly fee until the end of the term. If you choose to buy the car at the end, you’ll pay the optional purchase payment. By providing the guaranteed future value, Mercedes Agility protects you against unexpected depreciation and enables you to benefit from affordable monthly payments. 

In addition, we also offer hire purchase, which allows you to spread the cost of ownership, personal operating lease for those who want to enjoy the perks of a new car without owning the vehicle, and contract hire. Contract hire is an excellent option for customers who don’t want to buy a car.

Mercedes fleet and business finance

Our fleet and business finance options are designed to cater for all kinds of companies and organisations. There are different packages available to suit all business customers, including Mercedes Agility, personal contract hire, hire purchase and operating lease. When considering finance options, it’s beneficial to think about whether you want to lease or buy a Mercedes. If you’re keen to enjoy access to new vehicles without ever owning them, contract hire and long-term leasing are beneficial. If you’re interested in buying a car or van and spreading the cost, hire purchase and personal contract plans represent excellent options. If you’re unsure, the flexibility of Mercedes Agility finance is likely to appeal.

Which finance option is best for me?

Our flexible finance options are designed to suit a wide range of customers. From individuals looking to buy a new car to businesses hoping to expand their fleet without any pressure to buy new vehicles, we have a solution for everyone. If you’d like more information about Mercedes finance, or you’re keen to explore the options in more detail, we can provide tailored advice, from a finance specialist, based on your requirements and preferences. Contact Sinclair Mercedes of South Wales today!