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Posted:17 January 2020 | Category: General

How Does the Mercedes E-Class Compare to the C-Class?

Mercedes range in front of coastal backdrop

If you are in the market for a plush new executive saloon, your head may well have been turned by the Mercedes C-Class. But, with only a small step-up in terms of price, you might be conflicted in its big brother, the Mercedes E-Class

Naturally, you’ll find both vehicles share some common ground, and you’ll not go wrong if you get either one. But, when it comes to an important purchase like this, you’ll want to know that you have the right car for you. 

Styling of the Mercedes C-Class Vs. the E-Class

Of course, with both the Mercedes C-Class and the E-Class belonging to the same family, there will be a lot of similarities in the looks of the vehicles. Notably, these similarities include the famous three-pointed badge, the powerful lines of the grille, and the sharp lines that define the body contours of the cars. 

If you are looking for a sleeker, more mature look, the E-Class is the way to go. It has a longer boot and cabin and appears more elegant than its sibling. 

If you want something that looks a bit sportier, the C-Class offers this. With more defined angles and a sculpted look overall, this offers an alternative styling that may suit your tastes. 

Interiors of the Mercedes E-Class Vs. C-Class

The comfort and styling of the interiors of your car is important. You will want a car that you can enjoy spending time in, particularly if you commute or travel a great deal. 

The C-Class offers fantastic build quality combined with lots of great onboard tech. You can enjoy DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity as standard, with a stylish dashboard. However, the E-Class really steps up in terms of the interior, offering great luxury throughout. Again, the interior uses high-quality materials and combines this with great technology. You have the option to swap out the dials for a second infotainment screen, which does give the E-Class the superior edge when it comes to tech. 

Driving the Mercedes E-Class Vs. C-Class

The C-Class matches control with comfort. With the fantastic suspension and light and accurate controls, it handles bumps in the road with ease. If you’re after comfort on the move, the E-Class has this. With the option to pay extra and add Driver Pilot, which includes adaptive cruise control and electric power steering, your vehicle will be able to drive almost autonomously, though your hands do need to remain on the wheel at all times. 


If you’re after a sportier model and interior space is not so high on your priorities list, the C-Class may be the car for you. But for a plush, elegant drive that provides an enhanced driving experience, then the E-Class offers all of this and more. Prices for the C-Class range start from £29,040, while prices for the E-class range begin at £38,220. 

To really decide which model is the right one for you, why not see for yourself? Book a test drive at your local Sinclair Mercedes-Benz dealers in Bridgend, Cardiff, Newport, Neyland, or Swansea.