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Posted:26 January 2018 | Category: Blog

Introducing the Maybach 6 from Mercedes

The luxury car market is arguably the most competitive out there, with the likes of brands such as Bentley and Rolls Royce to compete with. However, Mercedes have proved their worth with the flawless Maybach 6 concept car, we’ll be exploring some of its top features and showing you why it is a top, luxury car.

The Maybach 6 is designed to be a “study of an ultra-stylish luxury class coupé. It’s not looking to be “road ready”, but instead represents the potential future design direction of Mercedes-Benz. In short, it’s meant to whet our appetite for the years to come – and we think it’s succeeded!

Astounding Aesthetics

The Maybach is really pushing the boat out with its sleek and eccentric design. It has the classic aesthetic proportions of any show car, for example: The elongated bonnet (Much like the modern day S-Class coupe), a low roof line and the positioning of the sun roof. All these features compliment themselves and make the Maybach 6 one of the best looking concept cars of the year.

Impressive Interior

Not only does the Maybach 6 look fantastic from afar, like most concept cars, but it’s also rather impressive on the inside too. It’s innovative design style gives it a superior modern edge.

This ultra-stylish coupé features a cutting edge transparent display that can be edited to suit your preferences such as driving related data and geographical information. This immerses the driver in a futuristic setting and makes the experience remarkably simple but also fantastically intriguing at the same time.

The Maybach 6 also offers a surprising amount of interior space due to its 360 degree interior UI, this is truly the future for luxury cars.

Peak Performance

Being designed and manufactured as an electric car you could be forgiven for not expecting the Maybach 6 to be as powerful as its petrol counterparts, but it really does pack a punch when it comes to power! The output of the entire system is around 550 kW. This allows for breathtaking speed, as the Maybach 6 can go from 0-100 in under 4 seconds which is more than enough to compete with any petrol super car on the market today.

Of course, this isn’t Mercedes’ first venture into the world of Electric Cars – in fact, they’re something of an expert in the field. Thanks to their eMobility range, you can already get cars from a C-Class to the GLE in hybrid or PHEV formats. This just the next step on that journey, in super-luxury packaging.

The Maybach 6 really is a fantastic concept car and we really hope it does make its way into the production line for Mercedes. If you have any queries on this model or the current Mercedes range, feel free to contact us here.