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Posted:23 March 2021 | Category: General,New Car

Mercedes-Benz New EQB To Join EQ Range

Mercedes EQB prototype model front facing driving on snow

Mercedes are getting ready to roll out their stunning range of electric vehicles.The EQB has a boxy and robust look and will join the other vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz EQ range.The EQ range is tipped to include ten new models by 2022. When discussing the EQB, Rober Lesnik said that “We believe every Mercedes needs a face”. This is why you can see some exciting fresh features on the EQB.

So far, an aerodynamic front bumper, slim headlamps and a redesigned grille are some of the details we know about.While the EQ line will feel cohesive, the EQB will have a personality all of its own.The all-electric powertrain will have at least 187 horsepower and a driving range between 200 and 250 miles.The EQB is set to hit the road sometime in 2022; until then, there is a lot of speculation about what the features will be standard and what will come as optional.

One thing is for sure; we can expect it to be unveiled by the end of 2021.The A-Class, B-Class and CLA all use a modified version of Mercedes existing MFA2, so it makes sense that the new EQB will share that platform.Something that makes the regular GLB so attractive is that it is possible to have it as a seven-seater. Two folding seats are nestled underneath the boot floor.

Other things that you can expect to see is the expensive feeling of soft plastic and metal trims. The GLB has a notoriously simple and sleek dash, and we can expect to see the infotainment displays in the EQB too.Due to the shape and extra space required by an electric motor and battery, the EQB batteries will be mounted under the car’s floor—allowing for the EQB to be as spacious as the very practical GLB.

The redesigned grille that we mentioned earlier is possible because the new EQB won’t need as many air intake and vents as the GLB. All of the extra space can be used to create that cohesive look between their models in the EQ line.Other EQ models we know are upcoming are the EQA hatchback, the EQE and the EQS saloon. Will Mercedes haven’t confirmed too much about the EQB’s motors? It is likely that the top of the range options will have two-motors, four-wheel drive and up to 300 miles per charge.

A key component of making the EQB accessible to customers is that it will be compatible with the most up-to-date public fast chargers.It should take approximately half an hour to go from empty to 80%. So you can be back on the road super quickly.The estimated price for the EQB is somewhere between the EQA and the EQC, in the region of £45,000.Mercedes are yet to announce the rest of the cars that will make up their EQ portfolio; however, the five reported so far are precisely the sleek and high-end style that you’d expect from the Mercedes-Benz brand.

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