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Posted:30 September 2021 | Category: General

Mercedes Coupe - Everything you need to know

Silver Mercedes S-Class Coupe driving along wet road

When people think about Mercedes-Benz, they think about high quality luxury cars that are not only a method of transportation, but they’re an experience each and every time the driver gets behind the wheel.  Mercedes-Benz always has the urge to develop further. Thinking outside the box, figuring out how they can combine beautiful exteriors to vehicles with a stylish interior. All of this while also assisting in further advancing technology for vehicles, setting the stage for how luxury cars can and should perform.

Mercedes-Benz always captures the attention of buyers and car enthusiasts alike. They offer many series and one of their head turning series would be the Coupes. In this article, you’re going to find out everything you need to know about this spectacular Mercedes-Benz model.

Common questions about the Mercedes-Benz Coupe

What is a Mercedes-Benz coupe?

A coupe is a car with a sloping arch-like roofline, this can range from a two or four door car all the way to an SUV.  They’re characterized by their tone bodies and dynamic lines, showing off their stylish elements. The unbridled character of the coupe truly lets you know that it’s one-of-a-kind. Mercedes-Benz has eight different varieties of the coupe, they include:

All of the coupes have their very own special specs which allow them to be unique. This includes the interior and the exterior of the vehicle. Many of them contain the same features within the car such as multibeam LED lights, display, 360 cameras, and smartphone integration.

What exactly makes the Mercedes-Benz coupe so special?

The coupe has a sporty exterior, elegant interior, and the digital technology within the car is utterly exquisite. This includes artificial intelligence as well, thanks to this feature and the MBUX multimedia system the Coupe will have the opportunity to understand the driver each day. The assistance system built into the Mercedes-Benz coupe allows for a safe and relaxing experience for the driver and all of the passengers. No other car can give you an experience like this.

The appearance itself is a contributing factor to why the Mercedes-Benz coupe is very special. Each model has its own defining appearance and personality, but in the end, they still perform similar functions while still retaining their own individual uniqueness. All of the Mercedes-Benz coupes encapsulate the dynamic sportiness of the coupe while balancing it all out with the luxurious comfort of the interior design of the vehicle. This Coupe series truly radiates pure driving pleasure from every angle.

  • Engine size: Each coupe within the series has its own specs, this also includes the engine. The Mercedes C-Class coupe has an C 200 (184 Hp) 4MATIC 9G-TRONIC engine and the oil capacity is 6.5 litres,
  • Boot space: Just like the engine size, all of the coupes within the series will vary on their boot space. The Mercedes C-Class coupe contains 280 litres in its boot space.

Is Mercedes getting rid of coupes?

No, at this time Mercedes is not discontinuing their coupes. However, they are getting rid of their C-Class coupe in 2022. The E-Class coupe will still continue to stick around for the time being but only the C-Class Coupe will be getting rid of.

How much is a Mercedes SUV Coupe?

There are two Mercedes SUV Coupes, the GLC 300 4MATIC AMG Line Coupe and the GLE 400 d 4MATIC AMG Line Coupe. The prices can range, especially if the vehicle is used. However, a new Mercedes SUV Couple will begin at the price of £55,574 but they can range up to £75,200.These are prices for a brand new vehicle, prices are subject to change for used vehicles.

How much does a Mercedes C-Class Coupe cost?

The C-Class Coupe is an athletic car in its top form. Like all of the other coupes in the series, the C-Class stands out with its dynamism. The stylish elements are powerful and the appearance is far from standard. The comfort within the vehicle is truly exceptional is as contains:

  • Premium Navigation system which includes potentially dangerous areas, traffic situations, traffic jams, and the best route to get to your destination
  • Smartphone integration
  • Windshield Display that transforms your car into a digital cockpit
  • Body control
  • Beautiful fully digital IC displays
  • Wireless charging system for all mobile devices
  • 360 Camera
  • Multibeam LED headlights
  • Burmester sound system
  • Cat to X Communication

From top to bottom, the C-Class Coupe is in incredible condition from the high-powered exterior, the smooth driving experience, and the luxurious comfort features that are included lets you know, like just any other Mercedes-Benz, you’re going to get an exceptional car.

The price for the Mercedes C-Class Coupe begins at  £ 39,405.

Is C-Class coupe being discontinued?

Yes, the C-Class Coupe and the convertible models are going to be discontinued in 2022. This is due to Mercedes wishing to downsize the complexity of their series. 

Common Questions about connecting

When it comes to connecting your phone or any other device to your vehicle, it truly can make the world of a difference in your experience with the vehicle. Here are some common questions about setting up your new Mercedes Coupe!

How do I turn on the navigation system?

Like many of the Mercedes-Benz modern vehicles, the Navigation System is a part of the COMMAND infotainment system. This is going to help you out in initiating the turn-by turn direction, but it also helps the artificial intelligence that’s built into the system so you can customize it the way you suit your needs. You’ll begin by:

  1. Pressing the voice activation on your steering wheel.
  2. Say “Enter Destination”
  3. Say the address out loud
  4. The navigation system will then confirm the address
  5. You’ll then need to correct the address if it’s wrong by saying “No”.  If the address is correct you’ll say “Yes”
  6. You can correct the street or even correct the number to make any changes

How to connect a phone to a Mercedes Coupe

Connecting your smartphone to the Mercedes-Benz Coupe is a lot different than figuring out how to connect AppleCar Play to an Audi A3.  The directions are going to be slightly different depending on what type of device you have. The android and iOS tend to vary slightly in how to connect to the Mercedes infotainment system.

How to connect an iPhone to the Mercedes Coupe:

  1. Go to the setting within your phone
  2. Find the Bluetooth setting, and be sure to turn it on
  3. You’ll want to then start your Mercedes-Benz Coupe
  4. Press the TEL key on the radio or the phone button if it’s located on your steering wheel
  5. Press Connect Dev
  6. Afterward, click on the Search for the Phone from Vehicle
  7. Once you’ve completed that, go ahead and select Start Search
  8. You should be able to see the name of your phone showing up on the screen
  9. After that, you will be shown a 6-digit passcode on the screen of the car, you’ll need to use this to pair with your phone
  10. The passcode should be authenticated afterward which will then give your phone access
  11. Your phone should now be connected to the Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth!

While these instructions are specific to the iPhone, they work for Android as well.

How to connect via Bluetooth to a Mercedes Coupe

Like many other Mercedes-Benz vehicles, you can also use Bluetooth technology for the Mercedes Coupe. Bluetooth can connect wirelessly to your mobile device’s infotainment system that Mercedes-Benz has.  This is different from figuring out how to connect a phone to the Audi A3. By doing so, you’ll be able to do many things hands-free such as stream music, have hands-free calls, utilize turn-by-turn navigation, but there is so much more to it as well! This small guide will help you out:

  1. Begin by pressing the phone button that’s located on your steering wheel. This will then spark the infotainment system to directly jump into the pairing menu.
  2. For connecting, you’ll need to make sure that your mobile device’s Bluetooth is visible. This means that the device list is visible during the whole process in order for the pairing to be completed
  3. Afterward, on the infotainment screen, you’ll have to select “Connect a new device” once completed, then go ahead and click “Start Search on System".
  4. Choose the mobile device you would like to pair from the list of available devices. A code will then display on the infotainment screen, as well as your device.
  5. You’ll need to confirm the code on your mobile device
  6. If the code matches, your mobile device should be connected to the Mercedes-Benz infotainment system via Bluetooth.

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