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Posted:11 October 2016 | Category: New Car

Mercedes join the electric market with new Generation EQ SUV Coupe

The demand and buzz around electric cars has accelerated astronomically in recent years, and after their recent announcement of joining the Formula E series, Mercedes have now announced their future plans for the electric retail market.

Unveiled at last week’s Paris Motor Show, the all-new Generation EQ showcased the German giant's plans for a future electric SUV that is built on a platform that will be size adaptable for an entire range of electric models.

The new Generation EQ concept is powered by two electric motors that give it four-wheel drive and can generate up to 420bhp.  Mercedes will use cutting-edge battery technology that they are aiming will give them a range of up to 310 miles. The battery will sit in the floor of the model to help keep a low centre of gravity that allows for smooth, crisp handling.  It will be made using a blend of super-strong steel, aluminium and carbon which will enable it to remain lightweight.  Despite its very recent debut and only in concept format, Mercedes latest innovation is effectively production ready.

Generation EQ

The Generation EQ previews a range that will be separately known as EQ that will provide electric cars with the luxury and comfort that is symptomatic of the Mercedes brand.  The German manufacturer decided on the ‘EQ’ name through wordplay of intelligent electronic technology (IQ).  The range will provide ‘a comprehensive electric ecosystem of services, technologies and innovations’, as CEO Dieter Zetsche declared.

Mercedes have also used the EQ to showcase their future interior for the electric range with a ground-breaking touch sensitive steering wheel that allows you to scroll through the car's functions on an LED display.

The adaptable nature of the platform on which the EQ sits ensures that Mercedes can introduce an entire range of electric vehicles with minimal hassle.  Mercedes are expected to move quickly in the electric market so keep your eyes peeled for all the latest developments coming out of their German headquarters.