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Posted:22 December 2016 | Category: General

Mercedes set for new Digital Light tech!

Very exciting news fresh out of Mercedes-Benz in the form of brand new Digital Light technology which can project HD quality images directly onto the road in front of you and is expected to make its way into productions models soon, meaning it could be in your new Mercedes-Benz model sooner than you think.

The new prototype headlight system works by automatically adapting to other road users as well as the ability to project images onto the road ahead of you, named Digital Light the new technology is akin to that featured on 2015’s self-driving F015 concept. Mercedes’s Digital Light technology is made up of over one million micromirrors per light and combines both camera and radar sensors to adjust the brightness value of each pixel to suit the environment; what this means is headlights which are constantly adjusting to suit both the brightness and light direction as well as ensuring other drivers and pedestrians aren’t affected.
Mercedes set for new Digital Light tech!

Gunter Fischer, Head of Exterior Body Development and Vehicle Operating Systems at Daimler AG was quoted as saying “...we want to achieve optimum vision and maximum brightness without glare. Innovative functions for supporting the driver and staging communication with other road users significantly optimise safety when driving at night" confirming the focus in both advanced light technology, driver support and safety systems.

Whilst the advances in light adjustment is brilliant, perhaps the most exciting element of Digital Light is the system’s ability to project images onto the road. The micromirror pixels are able to create razor sharp images which work in conjunction with the build in satellite navigation system to project instructions and directions onto the road in front you, making following a route, easier than ever!

As well as the assistance to the driver when following instructions, Digital Light can also double up as a safety feature by projecting a visual warning onto the road ahead if you’re too close to the car in front, or if you’re faced with a challenging narrow road then two bars will project ahead highlighting the vehicle’s width so you know if you can safely pass through the space ahead, as well as other innovative features.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information on the latest in Mercedes-Benz technology and keep checking back for more information on when Digital Light will be making it into our new car range at Sinclair Mercedes in South Wales.