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Posted:30 November 2016 | Category: New Car

New G-Class to launch next year

Here at Sinclair Mercedes-Benz we are eagerly anticipating the updated version of the showstopping G-Class SUV which is due to launch next year. Having been produced since the late seventies it’s going to receive a sharp overhaul and update when it’s relaunched next year.

The updated G-Class has been spotted out and about and the images show that the facelifted model will stick to the trademark box style off-roader athletic design with fundamental and iconic touches such as the spare wheel in the boot, plastic strip linking door handles and squared off wheel-arches firmly in place as to not disappoint the G-Wagon fan base. However, that’s not to say under the exterior various updates haven’t taken place.  

Having been on the roads for nearly 40 years now the potential G-Class customer has changed significantly. The SUV is co-developed with the military manufacturer Steyr-Daimler-Puch and the shift has come in an increased focus on comfort, practicality and on-road performance so it will appeal to a larger customer base. The updated model is likely to increase in size potentially by about 100mm wide as a result of a new platform which can work towards the improvements in handling and stability as well as increased passenger space in turn increasing comfort.

G-Class SUV
Lighter materials have also been used in the development of the new model which are likely to result in a reduced kerbweight and that in addition to a reduction in mass, new engine options as well as the brand’s 9G-Tronic automatic gearbox will give the new G-Class an overall better drive with improved efficiency on the outgoing model.

As is the usual and much loved approach by Mercedes-Benz there will be an AMG G-Class in due course which is likely to feature the impressive 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 engine which when recently added to the E63 resulted in a whopping 604bhp for the model, although that would be lower for the larger SUV.

The much anticipated arrival is likely to happen in the form of a debut and unveil at the Frankfurt Motor Show next September with the model likely to be purchased by the end of next year. Keep up to date with Sinclair Mercedes-Benz in South Wales for all of the latest in news and updates coming soon.