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Mercedes ME Connect Digital Service

Mercedes ME Connect is an innovative digital service from Mercedes-Benz giving you access to an immersive Mercedes-Benz experience, at any time, where ever you want.

By enabling your car to share information in real time with a Mercedes-Benz Retailer or our Customer Assistance Centre, Mercedes me connect can help with vehicle maintenance and diagnostics, accident recovery, and more. Watch the Video below to learn more!

Remote Parking Assist

Remote parking at the push of a button comes into play when every inch counts! Simply activate the Remote Parking Assist, jump out of your car and control the parking manoeuvre from outside via the app on your smartphone!

Mercedes-Benz Concierge Service

The Mercedes ConnectME Concierge Service is your own personal assistant and is at your side to answer your questions, book concert tickets, recommend restaurants and much more besides.

Remote Online Services

With the ConnectME Remote Online Services you can access your cars key functions on your smartphone anywhere, any time! If you want to change the vehicles settings, monitor information like fuel tank level, tyre pressure or the condition of the brakes or set pre-entry climate control temperature, you have your Mercedes-Benz at your beck & call at all times.

ConnectME In-Car Office Service

With the ConnectME "In-Car Office Service" you can use certain office functions directly in the vehicle to access important data as if you were in your office. The office function is available as a ConnectME Service on the Mercedes C‑Class and GLC-Class models at present and uses the locations of calendar entries to automatically transfer them to the car’s navigation system or dial into a telephone conference.

Live Traffic Information

While on your travels, Live Traffic Information provides you with the ideal route to your destination in real time. Thanks to precise and constantly updated information about traffic jams and average speeds on main roads Live Traffic Information keeps driving times to a minimum. Furthermore, Car-to-X-Communication helps you steer clear of trouble! The radio and sensor technology gather information from other vehicles to warn you of traffic jams, accidents and other road hazards on your route.

ConnectME Standard Services

Always stay one step ahead by allowing ConnectME Standard Services to take the strain out of motoring for things like vehicle diagnostics, breakdowns or accidents. This includes calling your preferred Mercedes-Benz Service Centre to book your next service appointment, summoning roadside assistance or emergency services. The ConnectME Standard Services available include Maintenance Management, Breakdown Management, Accident Recovery and the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system.

Mercedes-Benz Emergency Call System

If an airbag is deployed in an accident, crash sensors in the vehicle automatically send an emergency call connecting you with the Mercedes-Benz Emergency Response Centre. The system passes on your precise location and even the number of occupants in your car, together with vital information about the condition of your vehicle. The call data is also relayed to the emergency services so that the necessary response measures can be initiated as quickly as possible.

ConnectME Adapter for Older Mercedes Vehicles

The Mercedes ConnectME Adapter can also be used on many older Mercedes-Benz models extending back as far as 2002 and with this adapter you can control various vehicle functions from your Smartphone. You can access vehicle data including; fuel tank level or find your Mercedes with the Vehicle Tracker function. You will also benefit from our direct customer service and have access to offers, services and information.

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